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Pylon signs are the ultimate beacon for drawing attention to your business.

Our team of experts work with you through a complete managed service including:

  • Concept / Design

  • Council Permits

  • Engineering Approvals

  • Manufacturing

  • Transport

  • Installation

Pylon signs are large freestanding promotional structures generally located outside commercial and industrial properties. Standing anywhere up to 15m high to allow for maximum viewing range.

Pylon signs can be uniquely designed and customised to emphasise your brand personality. This can be done through options such as fabricated letters, digital LED displays, light-boxes and router cut detailing.

The typical purpose for pylon signs is to convey short messages and information instantly to passers-by. To ensure your message is received during all hours of the day these structures are often illuminated or backlit.

By accompanying pylon signs with your business name or logo you also allow any potential customers in the area easy notice of business of your location.

As we insist on using high quality materials in the construction of your pylon signs, we are able to ensure a product that is resistant to wind, water, corrosion and the sun. Thus providing years of unwavering service.

All pylon signs come with a complete warranty for parts and labour.

SignSite Group


designing brisbane signage

Our in-house graphic and construction designers create well considered designs for practical and attractive signage solutions for your business.


manufacturing brisbane signage

We manufacture our signage solutions within our factory hubs, allowing for strict quality control ensuring only top quality products are delivered.


installing brisbane signage

Utilising our extensive knowledge of the signage industry, we provide safe and professional signage installation services Australia wide.


We are a team of highly skilled industry professionals with a strong focus on providing custom signage solutions with visual integrity.

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  • "Carl's Jr relies heavily on brand appearance, this could not be achieved without our valued signage provider SignSite Group. They provide exceptional service and attend to us when we need them the most"

    - Carl's Jr
  • "When it comes to the signage requirements for my business I have never looked to anyone else other than the team at Sign Site. They certainly deliver on there brand promise of Expertise, Confidence and Value. Thank you ... keep up the great work."

    - Prudent Group
5 Year Platinum Limited Warranty
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