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style guides


A style guide allows a company to set standards and distinct branding requirements for various marketing initiatives. It’s a critical tool for developing a uniform brand identity across different mediums and helps companies avoid erroneous branding mishaps.

Style guides can range from essential instructions on logo design and layout, colour and typeface through to comprehensive instructions on branding applications such as stationary, web or signage use.

Essentials - Style Guide

  • Logo layout
  • Colours and Typeface
  • Logo Use

Comprehensive - Style Guide

  • Logo layout
  • Colours and Typeface
  • Logo Use
  • Application Icons
  • Stationary Use
  • Signage Use & Construction

Graphic Design

Logo design through to illustration and content design for signage, stationary or wall graphics. No matter the task we have you covered.

construction design

Not all projects require a shop drawing, however there are some projects where there are lot of complexities and challenges. Additionally, there may be lot of risks involved in the construction process. In such cases, it is very important, that detailed construction and fabrication drawings are prepared.

Shop drawings for construction provide an insight into how particular elements are built, erected and installed. Construction Shop drawings are done with the purpose of providing the client or contractor with all the required details that enable them to carry out the construction tasks, in a safe, secure and efficient manner.

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