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What is sustainable signage?

Sustainable signage refers to the design, production, and implementation of environmentally conscious and socially responsible signage solutions. It involves using eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient technologies, and sustainable practices throughout the entire lifecycle of signage, from sourcing and manufacturing to installation and disposal. Sustainable signage aims to minimise the negative environmental impact while promoting durability, recyclability, and reduced energy consumption, thereby supporting long-term ecological balance and conservation efforts.

Why is sustainable signage important?

With the ever increasing amount of non-recyclable and environmentally harmful waste being disposed of each year, it's important to consider the eco-friendly, recyclable alternatives that can be used to replace traditional sign materials.

For example, a significant amount of promotional signage being used is produced with either plastic corflute, PVC Foam, or ACM panels. However, sustainable alternatives to these options would be to use either compressed paper boards, or aluminium. These alternate substrates can then be finished in a variety of ways to mimic the look of other authentic materials as required.

Important factors to note when considering these alternative solutions are both application and life span. The compressed paper boards are quite affordable but if being used outdoors will guarantee best result on short term applications, while aluminium may cost more, but it will last for many years longer.

Every project is different, as are the needs and applications for their required signage. If you're interested in being part of a positive change for the environment then send us a message to discuss your next signage project and we can assist you on what products and solutions may be right for you.

In recognition of clients that choose to utilise environmentally friendly and sustainable alternatives for their signage, we proudly present a custom certificate of sustainability, acknowledging the business and their chosen project to utilise our sustainable product range. Be the change you hope to see and inform your intended audience of the good you are doing with your branding and marketing campaign.

Cellulose fibre paper board

These paper boards are a sustainable alternative to traditional corflute signs and deliver everything you would expect from a sign and display board – flat, smooth surface, excellent printability, rigidity, and stability. The unique structure of embossed formed paper gives it strength and rigidity making it the perfect solution for indoor and outdoor short term promotional campaigns. This product is 100% recyclable.

PVC-Free Wallpaper & Films

It is well known that most plastics have a negative impact on the environment. However, PVC is one of the worst. Some of the worst most prominent chemicals in PVC, including dioxins, pose serious health threats to people are among some of the most potent cancer-causing chemicals. It's for this reason that using PVC-free wallpaper and films are so important. It is safer for the manufacturer, installer, client, environment, and does not emit noxious, chemical scents or expose the user to such dioxins as PVC wallpapers do. PVC-free wallpapers are generally water activated and can produce results identical to the alternative.

Indoor & outdoor solutions

General belief is that sustainable signage is only suitable for short term promotional projects, however, there are many solutions available that allow you to implement durable, high quality, sustainable products in your long-term building signage. Contact us today to discuss how you can implement sustainable signage practices in your next project.


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