statutory signage

Statutory signage refers to signs that are legally required to be installed in specific locations or on certain properties in accordance with local, state, or national regulations and codes. These signs are mandated by government authorities and are essential for public safety, health, or regulatory compliance. Statutory signage covers a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Safety Signs:
    These signs are used to indicate hazards, provide emergency information, and promote safe behavior. Examples include fire exit signs, emergency evacuation signs, and first-aid signage.
  • Regulatory Signs:
    These signs convey legal requirements or restrictions. Common examples are speed limit signs, no parking signs, and stop signs.
  • Health and Hygiene Signs:
    These are often seen in food establishments and healthcare facilities. They may include handwashing signs, "no smoking" signs, and sanitation instructions.
  • Accessibility Signs:
    These signs ensure that buildings and facilities are accessible to people with disabilities. Examples include wheelchair access signs and tactile indicators for the visually impaired.
  • Environmental Signs:
    These signs are used to indicate protected areas, conservation zones, and other environmentally sensitive locations.
  • Construction and Building Code Signs:
    These signs inform workers and the public about construction or building-related regulations and safety requirements.
  • Informational Signs:
    Some statutory signs provide important information, such as zoning information, land use regulations, or notification of specific ordinances.
  • Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Signs:
    These are common in industrial and workplace settings and include warning signs, safety equipment locations, and emergency contact information.

At SignSite Group, we can design and manufacturing any statutory signage to comply with all regulatory needs.

Signage Design

Our extensive industry knowledge equips us to seamlessly integrate design and management disciplines, ensuring your ideas align with the statutory requirements and are effectively brought to life. As independent advisors, we pride ourselves on offering customised solutions to fulfill your specific signage objectives.

Signage Production

Our commitment to excellence extends to the production of custom signage that strictly adheres to the highest manufacturing standards. With experienced and knowledgeable artisans leveraging cutting-edge technologies, every sign undergoes rigorous inspection by our quality control team. Only signs that meet our exacting standards leave our facilities.

Signage Fabrication

At the heart of our business is the art of transforming raw materials into practical yet visually striking signage. Our skilled artisans craft top-quality products in-house, utilising premium materials and adhering to strict industry standards. This unwavering dedication ensures an unforgettable visual impact. Our proven track record and superior manufacturing processes are a testament to the effective collaboration between our clients, our talented construction design team, operational staff, and quality assurance department.

Signage Installation

Following the fabrication of your high-quality Australian-made product, our certified and highly experienced on-site installation personnel ensure the safe and efficient commissioning of your sign. All work is conducted in accordance with our Quality Assurance standards and Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) plans, guaranteeing the successful delivery of both large and small, public or private installations.

Key Account Management

At SignSite Group, we prioritise cultivating trust by honoring our commitments in all our relationships. We leverage internal and external connections for mutual benefit and actively engage in idea-sharing, effective communication, and the cultivation of valuable relationships. This collaborative approach extends to our vendors, suppliers, and clients. We take a leadership role and assume responsibility in all aspects of our business, proactively identifying opportunities to optimise project outcomes.

Our key account management team plays a pivotal role, providing clients access to technically skilled resources on demand. This results in premium service and swift signage manufacture and installation turnaround, ultimately benefiting our clients' business development.

Project Management

We offer fully integrated and personalised project solutions that encompass the entire project lifecycle. By strategically identifying project goals, desired outcomes, and project parameters, we create a plan that ensures project certainty from inception to completion.
For all your statutory signage needs, trust SignSite Group to deliver compliance, quality, and expertise. Contact us today to embark on a journey that prioritises safety, innovation, and precision in every aspect of your project.

Ensuring your business has all of the necessary signage can be difficult to consider. To make this easier, we have prepared details of statutory signage typically used by our clients below.

Amenity Signage

Wide range of amenity signage including male, female, unisex, disabled, shower and exit signs.

Wayfinding Signage

Providing visitors with wafinding information allows them to quickly locate their destination and the direction to travel. Wayfinding signage can be either traditional, digital or real-time wayfinding using a mobile device.

Exit signage

Public facility signage clearly denoting the location of the closest emergency exit in case of fire or other emergency. Most relevant codes require exit signs to be permanently lit. Exit signs are designed to be absolutely unmistakable and understandable to anyone.

evacuation route

All premises should display an evacuation route that clearly identifies the action that employees and others should take in the event of a fire.

Please browse through our collection of various images from some of our statutory signage projects below.


Our in-house graphic and construction designers create well considered designs for practical and attractive signage solutions for your business.


We manufacture our signage solutions within our factory hubs, allowing for strict quality control ensuring only top quality products are delivered.


Utilising our extensive knowledge of the signage industry, we provide safe and professional signage installation services Australia wide.

Our team encompasses a diverse range of skills across design, production, and management disciplines all with the shared vision to guide, inspire and deliver. We are approachable, customer focused, and love taking on new challenges. Contact us to begin planning your next signage project.

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