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Our team at SignSite Group Brisbane utilise their comprehensive knowledge of products and marketing to provide complete custom signage solutions to businesses of all sizes.

SignSite Group: Brisbane Signage Experts

About Us

With our head office and factory conveniently located at 34 French Ave in Brendale. SignSite Group Brisbane can design, manufacture and install all types of signage for your business or organisation.

As leading experts in Brisbane signage, our services include: retail signs, internal signs, car signs / vehicle wraps, illuminated lettering and light boxes, safety signs, statutory signs, promotional signage and banners, digital printing, site signs, building signs, as well as both indoor and outdoor LED and LCD digital signage solutions.

We pride ourselves on being the best choice for Brisbane signage and utilise our years of experience to provide quality services to businesses throughout the Greater Brisbane region.

Reasons to choose SignSite Group for your Brisbane signage:

  • We provide a comprehensive range of signage services and solutions.
  • We have years of experience manufacturing professional signage in and around the Brisbane area.
  • We can design, manufacture and install all types of signage for your business.

  • We utilise the latest technology and techniques to ensure you stay ahead of the competition for years to come.
  • Our top of the range products and solutions are available at an affordable price.
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction is our highest priority.
  • SignSite Group Brisbane is builder licenced: QBCC Builders Licence #15154090

  • SignSite Group Brisbane Signage
  • SignSite Group Brisbane Signage

SignSite Group: Brisbane Signage Projects

Every project has unique requirements and as such, we work directly with our clients throughout each stage of the design, manufacturing, and installation process. We aim to satisfy all aspects of your signage requirements with solutions that will last for years to come.

We understand that in order for us to fulfil our goal we first need to fulfil yours. To achieve this we strive to provide each of our customers with not only high-quality products but also effectively managed services provided at realistic prices.

See a collection of our key projects or browse through our gallery of Brisbane signage and project images:

  • Capalaba Central Digital Pylon
  • Fairfield Gardens Fabricated Lettering
  • Carl's Jr Illuminated Fabricated Lettering
  • Citibank Lightbox Sign
  • Peter Sheppard Retail Illuminated Letters
  • Capalaba Central Custom RGB Entry Signage
  • QPAC Large Format LED Displays
  • Reece Illuminated Signage
  • Office Wallpaper / Wall Art

Local signage information

Advertising Signs - Brisbane City Council

When considering signs in Brisbane for your business or charity it is important to understand what sign permits may be required for your intended sign. There are some Brisbane signs that do not require a permit from Brisbane City Council, we have prepared some information here to assist you in making an informed decision on your signage for Brisbane. Please always contact us directly or refer to Brisbane City Council or your Town Planner for more information for your specific signage needs in Brisbane.

Brisbane City Council is the local government and is responsible for licensing and regulating signs in Brisbane. There are different sign classifications in Brisbane for signs, these are classified as signs being either: permitted, licensable, generally inappropriate and prohibited signs.

Permitted signs - No permit required

There are certain sign types in Brisbane that do not require a sign permit in order to display your sign in Brisbane. These signs are generally for small business, home business, garage sales, real estate, clubs, charities, builders and developers. There are very specific limitations on the size, location and type of these signs in Brisbane as such it is important to take the time to understand what they are and what their restrictions may be.
In order to identify if you will not require a sign permit from Brisbane City Council, you will need to review the intended signage on-site and work within the parameters set by Brisbane City Council, you will not need to arrange any correspondence with Brisbane City Council. If you believe your sign does not meet the requirements set then you may need to apply for a full assessment and await Brisbane City Council’s advice. SignSite Group offers the service of arranging applications for Brisbane sign permits for our clients.
A range of signs are permitted for small business including awning fascia sign, blind or canopy sign, temporary bunting and streamers, commercial flag, business promotion, information sign, under awning sign, window sign.

Licensable signs - Permit required

In Brisbane, there are a large number of signs that do require a sign permit in order to erect or display that sign externally. It is best to contact us to discuss these sign types or consult with your town planner or Brisbane City Council themselves. The signs that will require a permit in Brisbane are as follows:

  • Created Awning Fascia Signs - A sign generally extending beyond the awning.

  • Ground Signs - This is often referred to as a monument sign and often forms part of the landscape, extending out of the ground.

  • New Estate Sale Signs - These are signs that are advertising new homes in newly subdivided parts of Brisbane.

  • Pole Signs - This is a sign on a vertical support and is free standing, often illuminated.

  • Projecting Signs - This is a sign that is projecting at a right angle to the wall it is installed upon. Often, certain lightboxes can be considered projecting signs.

  • Pylon Signs - This is a feature sign normally and often displays content and messaging such as site branding and local tenancy information. A pylon sign is free standing and is always higher than it is wide.

  • Roof Signs - This sign type is installed on top of a building, it can be on a single story building or a high rise building and rests on top of the roof. Sometimes these signs are referred to as sky signs.

  • Signwritten Roof Signs - These are signs that are painted onto a roof and are viewing from the sky, such as from a bridge looking down onto the buildings roof.

  • Vertical Banner Signs, Walls and Posts - These signs are installed in a vertical formation projecting off buildings and or from free standing poles and posts.

  • Temporary Inflatable Signs - These signs are made from plastic or rubber generally and are inflated and displayed for often events or promotions.

  • Wall Signs - A wall sign is one installed to a wall surface of a building and is often the most common sign that requires a licence/permit from Brisbane City Council. These signs can be illuminated or not and can have a great deal of featured designs.

Brisbane Signs require a licensed business to design, manufacture, supply, install and maintain/repair. It is important you engage a licenced builder to carry out your signage works in Brisbane. The Queensland Government has strict laws in place to protect consumers and the public generally. SignSite Group is fully licensed to carry our sign works in Brisbane. We ensure your signs are manufactured and installed professionally and to high-quality standards, we offer meeting all government requirements in place.

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