Queensland Performing Arts
Large Format Digital LED Display

Project Details

Client Name
Queensland Performing Arts Centre
Digital Signage
June 20, 2017

Queensland Performing Arts Complex (QPAC) sought to replace their large format banner systems for what would be Queensland two largest digital LED wall screens.

With more than 1 million pixels per screen, the units display vivid, detailed imagery with beautiful colour and detail.  Each screen has a peak brightness of 7500 nits and is purposely manufactured for this location, providing for a broad viewing angle of 140 degrees.

QPAC faces the magnificent river city, Brisbane.  Situated across the Brisbane river from the CBD at Southbank, Qpac enjoys excellent exposure to the city of Brisbane day and night.  These two screens provide for QPAC the ability to deploy their intended messages to the public at will in beautiful intense colours with fine graphic detail.  The bright screens ensure the content displayed can be seen on the brightest of Brisbane days, with the in built intelligent light control systems, each screen adjusts to the current light settings automatically making the control of the screens simple and automated.

We are pleased to have delivered QPAC and the city of Brisbane two of the most magnificent Digital LED screens on display.



Size and placement on this historically listed iconic site

QPAC is a historically listed site, thorough planning was required to develop the structures to house the screens, allow for serviceability through abseiling systems and provide for what would be a complicated and detailed installation process.  Each fixing point had to be x-rayed for risk mitigation on this historically listed site.  Thousands of fixing points secured the custom developed frame systems manufactured and installed by SignSite Group.

Coordinating data, power and control over this advanced million pixel system was paramount to the success of the project.


Production Planning

Our team of skilled professionals set about identifying all areas of concern and developed a comprehensive project program to mitigate risk, provide for quality solutions to accomodate QPAC's needs in delivering a user friendly and reliable LED screen solution.

  • Establish site specific needs
  • Engineering cost effective and low maintenance solutions
  • Deploy highly skilled resources to develop and implement solutions
  • Identify and produce quality and relevant product solutions


With extensive planning, we were able to successfully design, manufacture, install & commission what is Queensland largest digital LED wall screens.  We were able to achieve the desired result with no business interruptions for our client, no cost variations and no delays.  

The final result is a trouble free, robust digital solution affording QPAC many years of service in displaying magnificent content for Brisbane to enjoy.

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