Willows Shopping Centre

Townsville QLD

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Pylon Signs
June 2024

Standing at an impressive 21 meters, this newly modified pylon is a testament to engineering prowess and innovative design.

Located in Townsville, this towering structure demanded precise craftsmanship and strategic planning to ensure a seamless integration with the existing pylon. With sleek lines, high-quality materials, and a commanding presence, this pylon stands as a landmark, visible from afar and poised to serve its purpose with reliability and style.

Accompanying the main structure are two newly manufactured 12-meter pylons, each crafted with the same attention to detail and commitment to excellence. This project showcases our ability to deliver large-scale solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and functionality.



Modifying an existing pylon to a 21m high structure with complex logistics

The main challenge was to modify the existing on-site pylon to achieve a towering height of 21 meters. This required meticulous planning, precision engineering, and overcoming significant logistical hurdles.

Creating 20 different sections in our Brisbane warehouse and shipping them to Townsville was a complex process. Each section needed to be perfectly crafted and transported safely. On-site, maneuvering 30 tons of materials into place using a 100-ton crane presented its own set of challenges. Moreover, 100 sheets of cladding needed to be meticulously assembled on site to achieve the desired result. Additionally, we were tasked with manufacturing two new large 12m pylons.


We are extremely proud of the finished result. The successful completion of this project was no accident; it was the result of extensive planning and careful consideration.

Positioning, design finishes, and materials were all meticulously planned and coordinated through our construction design department. Every detail was scrutinised to ensure the final product would be both timeless and practical.


An impressive 21m high modified pylon, expertly crafted to serve its purpose with reliability and ease. The existing pylon was ingeniously transformed through precise engineering and careful assembly.

The project involved:

  • Manufacturing 20 sections in our Brisbane warehouse
  • Shipping and assembling these sections in Townsville
  • Utilising a 100-ton crane to maneuver 30 tons of materials
  • Assembling 100 sheets of cladding on-site

Additionally, two new 12m pylons were manufactured and installed to complement the main structure.

This comprehensive solution provides our client with a robust, low-maintenance pylon that stands as a testament to innovative design and engineering excellence. This new structure is equipped with high quality materials and features, ensuring it remains a functional and eye-catching asset for years to come.

Client Testimonial

" We’re blown away by the signage it looks phenomenal.

For us this has been a 4 year journey that stalled multiple times for various reasons, since our meeting late last year onsite Signsite have exceeded our delivery expectations and closed it out well.

Thanks for your efforts personally to support / assist us to deliver this for the asset, tenants and customers. "

Ryan Wheelhouse | Centre Manager

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