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fabricated building signage
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Building signage refers to the visual elements displayed on or around a building, typically consisting of signs, graphics, or symbols that convey information, branding, or directions. It serves as a means of identification, communication, and promotion, enhancing the visibility and recognition of a building or business to its intended audience. Building signage can include exterior signs, such as company logos, nameplates, contact details, trading hours, or other advertising displays. Overall, building signage plays a crucial role in providing information, enhancing visibility, and establishing a visual identity for a building or establishment.

Unlike a lot of other advertising methods, custom building signage is able to provide your brand with twenty-four-hour exposure. Even when you close up and go home for the evening, your building signage is still working, acting as a beacon and drawing the eye of passers-by and generating new business every day and night.

Building signage is not only an effective way to advertise your business but also a great way to convey to customers both old and new exactly where you’re located.

Here at SignSite Group, we specialise in the production of custom signage solutions to fit the exact needs of all of our clients. Our solutions will assist you in boosting your brand impact and generating revenue by providing the best building signage in Brisbane.

Our team of qualified professionals works with you through every step of the process. From design, through manufacturing and installation to ensure the final result is something you’re proud to display on your business.

Building Signs display various forms of content, including business branding and company information such as contact details, products and services, and locational information. Building signs can be found installed to many different locations of a building including, the roof, wall, facade, fascia, and doors. Building Signs can be made from many different material types and can be either illuminated or non-illuminated.

Businesses often rely upon building signs in order to trade and consider this type of signage to be critical. Building Signs are required to be designed, manufactured, installed and maintained by licensed signage builders with a relevant builders license in order to ensure the product is safe and fit for purpose as set by each State Government.

We can produce a wide variety of 3D fabricated letters offering both illuminated and non-illuminated signage solutions. With our advanced technology we are able to accurately design and produce custom logo's or lettering with quality and precision.

Fabricated letters can be made from many options including: Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Acrylic. Fabricated lettering is one of the best ways you can present your brand and building signage in a highly impactful way.


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Quick Service Restaurants

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Retail Chains

Make your building easily identifiable with unique custom made building identification signage. Work with our team of designers to make your ideas a reality. We can create unique shapes and designs as well as integrate LED lighting and RGB into any project.


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Fabricated Letters

Illuminated building signage Brisbane

RGB Backlit

Illuminated Signage

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Nothing stands out and draws quite as much attention as a large LED screen on the side of your building. Our diverse digital signage solutions encompass a wide variety of applications and industries. Customised fabrication and mounting systems are designed, built and assembled as required in our Brisbane facility providing unmatched quality.

All displays can link to our powerful content management system SignDirector allowing you to control what's on your screen from anywhere in the world.


Digital Pylon

Large Format Billboard

Pylon Integrated Billboard

Shop front display


Our in-house graphic and construction designers create well considered designs for practical and attractive signage solutions for your business.


We manufacture our signage solutions within our factory hubs, allowing for strict quality control ensuring only top quality products are delivered.


Utilising our extensive knowledge of the signage industry, we provide safe and professional signage installation services Australia wide.

Our team encompasses a diverse range of skills across design, production, and management disciplines all with the shared vision to guide, inspire and deliver. We are approachable, customer focused, and love taking on new challenges. Contact us to begin planning your next signage project.

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- Carl's Jr

"When it comes to the signage requirements for my business I have never looked to anyone else other than the team at Sign Site. They certainly deliver on there brand promise of Expertise, Confidence and Value. Thank you ... keep up the great work."

- Prudent Group
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