21 April 2021

Choosing the right signage for your business

Regardless of whether you operate an individual store or global chain, signage is an integral part of every business. By utilising the correct types of signs you will not only be able to notify people of your whereabouts, convey messages, and provide wayfinding, but also enhance customer engagement while building trust in your brand. To ensure you get the best solution, we have put together a list of things to consider when choosing signage for your business:

  1. Design and Theme
    The visuals of your signage should match the same colours, fonts, and logo placement as the rest of your branding. Consistency ensures that your brand is easily recognisable across all marketing channels and touchpoints; creating a unified brand identity and experience for both current and future customers.

  2. Location and Exposure
    When determining the location of your signage you need to consider the purpose of the sign, who your intended audience is, and how much exposure the location will receive. Think about the audience you want to reach and where they will be located. For instance, if you’re a restaurant targeting new customers, consider letting people know about your location and specials by placing your sign in a high traffic walkway. If you’re posting updates around your office, place it in the entryway so people notice it when they’re coming and going. In general, it’s a good idea to place signs in areas where people need to pass through or have to stop and wait. Discover a location that connects the placement of your sign to its intended purpose. 

  3. Size and Type
    To pick the right size, you need to not only take the location of the sign into account but also that of your target audience. If you intend for the sign to be at eye level with the viewer quite close, then it may be better to opt for a smaller sign to ensure the message remains legible; A large sign may be difficult for a passer-by to understand when viewed up close. Likewise, the further away the viewer is going to be from a sign the larger it may need to be. The size of your site will also play a critical role in determining what size signage is suitable for you. If you only have a small amount of vacant space available on your building, then you’re going to be restricted in how large your sign can be. In these scenarios, businesses will often implement a solution consisting of multiple signs by placing a smaller sign on their building and a larger sign out the front on a pylon or banner.

  4. Materials and Durability
    Signage can be created using a wide range of materials and formats that can all deliver different end results. While better quality materials may make your sign look better and portray a more professional image for your business it's important to understand there is a significant connection between the purpose of the sign and what material is best for the job. Most of the time, people are under the assumption that their signs need to be made from all the best materials that will last as long as possible. However, this might not always be necessary. For example, signs designed to advertise limited events and promotions won't need to be as durable as a sign intended to remain on the front of your building for years to come. In most cases, by partnering with an experienced signage maker you will be able to discuss the benefits and cost of each material to assist you in making the final decision.

  5. Budget
    Depending on what you choose for the size, type, and materials the cost of your signage can vary considerably. Therefore, it's important to have a realistic budget assigned and to work with a signage partner that can help guide you to the best solution within that. Keep in mind, that a quality sign will be an investment that can offer significant ROI for years to come. For instance, while digital signage solutions have some of the highest upfront costs available, due to their ability to dynamically and instantly adjust any content, you end up saving on costs long term whilst also generating increased revenue through dynamic advertising.

  6. Mounting and Installation
    Depending on what the location ends up being will also affect the mounting requirements. For example, an external standalone billboard that will receive significant wind loading is going to require a more reinforced structure than one mounted to the side of a building. 

  7. Permits and Restrictions
    While you decide what sign is best for you it's important to keep in mind that the government has regulations in place to determine the types and sizes of signage that a business can use in a given location. Regulations vary from council to council and while you may be able to install a particular sign at one location the same may not be true for another. You can check what types of signs you can install online by looking up what council your location falls under as well as their particular signage restrictions. There may be size and design requirements in place that must be met before you can put your new sign up; with some areas requiring you to have your sign approved by the council before it can be installed. These restrictions are often in place to either ensure safety or prevent neighbourhoods from having their design and aesthetic compromised. By not following these local bylaws you may be forced to take your sign down, creating extra work for you and unnecessary expenses.

  8. Qualifications
    As the signage industry continues to evolve there is a corresponding increase in emphasis on safety. With structures becoming larger and more complex, it's important to ensure that you work with a qualified and licenced signage contractor that guarantees their solutions are safe and in accordance with relevant building codes.

Fundamentally, signage is a reflection of your brand identity so it's important to get it right. SignSite Group has had the pleasure of working with many clients and have a proven reputation as leading experts in traditional and digital signage. By working together, we are able to assist you throughout the entire signage process and develop a tailored solution while offering exceptional quality at an affordable price. Work with a signage company you can trust and contact us today to discuss your next signage project!

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